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Contract type:Virtual office + meeting room use

How to Use:Use of address, meeting with customers

Job Description:Image Consultant ​ (Personal Color/Bone Diagnosis/Fashion/Makeup Advice)

Please tell us about your business

Image consultancy
We will help you get closer to the image you want to be, using personal color diagnosis, skeleton diagnosis, and counseling as the main methods.

By proposing specific clothes and make-up and getting the image you want to show, you can get "the customer's inner satisfaction" and "the impression that the customer needs and is suitable for their social position". I am giving advice.

We mainly cater to a wide range of people, including women, those looking for marriage and job hunting, and business owners.


What made you decide to use a shared office or rental office?

When I was thinking about starting a business as a business owner, I wanted to hold down the initial investment, and since I didn't always need an office for my work, I was able to rent it on a spot basis. did.

Another option was to open a business at home, but I was hesitant about the inconvenience of the location and the fact that I was reluctant to invite different customers to my home each time. I was.

Why did you choose Orac?

The stylish environment of the facility, the good location in terms of transportation, and the flexibility to respond to spot usage matched what I was looking for above all else.

Cleanliness and stylishness are essential, and I felt a sense of security as a person who invites customers in from the kindness of the concierge from the time of the preview.

Impressions from actual use

I am very grateful to have been able to provide the service that I wanted to provide to the guests I invited, without going too far from the image I had when I decided to use it.
We are grateful that the concierge can suggest various ways to deal with each situation depending on the situation.


Are there any new things you would like to work on at Orac in the future, or new ways to use it?

Currently, we are mainly doing consulting for individual customers, but in the future we would like to do image consulting for a large number of people such as university students and job-hunting students in a seminar format.

It is said that 80% of a person's impression comes from their appearance, so as a way to help you take your first step into society, you can learn how to prepare your appearance, how to choose suits, makeup items, and hairstyles so that you can go on the path you want to take. I would like to create a place to propose to many people.

What advice would you give to those who are considering starting a business or becoming a corporation?

I'm not in a position to give advice to others yet, so I'll tell you my experience...
I was most conscious of clarifying my purpose and target, having a clear understanding of what preparations are necessary to achieve that, and drawing a path to reach my goal in a way that minimizes risk.
I wanted to become an image consultant, so when I started looking into it, I realized that I had no choice but to start a business.
Let's get started! I wasn't that type of person, so I suddenly started preparing from there.
Thanks to luck, I was able to find the perfect environment in Orac, and I met a variety of people who supported me, including our customers and the staff of Orac.
I'm still fumbling, but I want to make my customers, people around them, and myself happy by making the most of my specialty! I'm going to do it without giving up on that original intention.

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