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● Contract ●

How long does it take from application (member registration) to start using?

If you wish to use the monthly service, it will be reviewed in as little as 10 business days.
Those who wish to drop-in can use it from the day.

If I want to register as a corporation, is it possible to submit a copy of the register after completing the contract?

Please submit the [Articles of Incorporation] that you plan to submit at the time of registration application.

Please submit the certified copy of the register as soon as it is ready.

Is it possible to change the plan during the contract?

In principle, changes in the middle of the month are not possible. If you wish to change the plan, please contact the concierge by the 20th of each month. The plan will be changed from the month following the submission of the change documents.

● Usage ●

Is it possible to bring a guest (customer) when using drop-in?

When using the free desk, member registration and usage fee payment are required one by one.will be required.

If you are using the meeting room, you can bring guests up to the number of people that can be accommodated.

I have a lot of voice work such as phone calls and online meetings.Is there a dedicated space for calls?

For monthly members, we recommend signing up for a private room. In addition to the office space, it is also possible to use the conversation space and members lounge.

For drop-in customers, we recommend using the conference room.

In addition, it may be possible to guide you to a private room during the campaign period or depending on the contract status. Please contact the concierge for details.

●Cancellation ●

Is it possible to cancel the contract in the middle?

It is possible, but please note that the usage fee will not be refunded. (The deposit after deducting the cleaning fee will be refunded.)

If I want to renew the contract after canceling, do I need to pay a new initial fee?

If you renew the contract after completing all procedures related to cancellation, the initial cost will be incurred again.
In addition, if the contract was for a rate with a discount applied based on a limited-time campaign or specific conditions before cancellation, we may not be able to offer the same rate when renewing the contract.

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