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privacy policy

​Privacy Policy

Hiro Career Staff Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") recognizes that the protection of personal information is an important responsibility. increase.

Article 1 (Acquisition of Personal Information)

Personal information (information that can identify a specific individual by name, address, etc.) and individual We may collect related information (information that cannot identify individuals related to Internet usage). We will collect personal information and personal-related information by lawful and appropriate means.

Article 2 (Purpose of Use of Personal Information)

The Company will not use personal information for purposes other than those notified at the time of acquisition. In addition, in order to answer inquiries and questions and improve services, it will be used only by internal personnel.

Article 3 (Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties)

Personal information will not be provided to third parties without the consent of the individual, except when required by law or when there is a justifiable reason.

Article 4 (Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information)

If the individual requests disclosure or correction of personal information, we will promptly respond in accordance with laws and ordinances.

Article 5 (Compliance with Laws and Other Norms Concerning Personal Information)

We will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, other laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information, and guidelines regarding the handling of personal information.

Article 6 (Security Management of Personal Information)

In order to prevent leakage, loss and damage of personal information, we will take necessary and appropriate security control measures and strive to improve them. In the event of an accident, we will promptly take corrective action.

Established March 1, 2007
Revised October 1, 2018

Revised on March 25, 2022

Hiro Career Staff Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Hiroyuki Ususawa

​Handling of personal information

1. company name

​ Hiro Career Staff Co., Ltd.

2. Personal information protection manager

OLUCK Operations Manager

3. Purpose of use of personal information

When using your personal information, we will use it within the scope of the purposes of use listed in the following items, and we will obtain your prior consent, except when permitted by laws and regulations. I will assume.

  1. Receiving and managing reservations for rental conference rooms, rental offices, and co-working spaces operated by the Company (hereinafter referred to as “our rental conference rooms, etc.”) (including confirmation, change, cancellation, etc. of reservations)

  2. (Payment, settlement, billing, refund, receipt of cancellation fees, issuance of receipts, and other operations related to payment for products and services provided by the Company)

  3. Responding to customer opinions, requests and inquiries

  4. Guidance and provision of products and services provided by the Company

  5. Implementation of questionnaires regarding our rental meeting rooms, etc.

  6. For statistical aggregation and analysis for marketing and service improvement of products and services provided by the Group

  7. Investigation, research, analysis of information and other necessary operations necessary for the operation of our conference rooms, etc.

Four. Provision of personal information to third parties

We will not provide the acquired personal information to a third party unless there is the consent of the person or it is based on the law.

Five. Disclosure, etc. of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure and Contact Point for Inquiries

At the request of the person, we will respond to notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion, suspension of use, erasure, etc. of the personal information held by us at the following contact point.


[Contact point for complaints and consultations regarding personal information]

TEL: 019-601-2337


6. Optionality

The provision of personal information is voluntary, but if sufficient personal information is not provided, it may interfere with the provision of our services and response to inquiries.

7. Consignment of personal information

We may outsource part or all of the personal information handling work to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use. When outsourcing, we will outsource only within the scope of the purpose of use to a corporation or individual that we have determined has a personal information protection system equivalent to or higher than ours.

8. Joint use of personal information

We will jointly use personal information entrusted to us in accordance with the following matters.

Scope of shared use

  1. HIRO Global Holdings Co., Ltd.

  2. Manager of personal information to be used jointly
     HIRO Global Holdings Co., Ltd. Representative Director Hiroyuki Ususawa

  3. Items of personal information to be used jointly
     Name, age, date of birth, email address, telephone number, fax number, transaction history, etc.

  4. Purpose of use by joint users
     For guidance and proposals on services provided by HIRO Global Holdings

  5. Documents, electronic data such as e-mail, acquisition by telephone or face-to-face

9. Acquisition of personal information that cannot be easily identified by the individual

Some websites operated by the Company use cookies to acquire personal information that cannot be easily identified by the individual. In addition, among the information acquired using technologies such as cookies and JavaScript, attribute information that cannot identify individuals, such as age, gender, occupation, and area of residence (limited to information that cannot identify individuals even when combined) and terminals Information, the user's action history within the service site (accessed URL, content, reference order, etc.), and location information based on the user's consent and application when using smartphones, etc. may be acquired. However, cookies and action history do not contain any personal information.

Please note that some services may not be available if cookies are disabled.

Ten. Use of personal information

Personal information obtained from some websites operated by the Company will be used for the following purposes.

  1. To deliver advertisements and obtain statistical data

11. Security control measures for personal information

Regarding the acquired personal information, we will take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent and correct leakage, loss or damage, and to manage other personal information safely.

*Our website is encrypted with SSL.

that's all
Established on January 7, 2021

Revised on March 25, 2022

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