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Contract type:Corporate flextime + meeting room use

How to Use:Telework base

Job Description:Telecommunications services such as telephone, dedicated, and general digital communications related to intra-prefecture calls in the eastern Japan region,and business incidental to this, purpose achievement business, utilization business

Please tell us about your company's efforts to promote telework.

<Mr. Oikawa>

In addition to our employees actively practicing telework, we are also cooperating with local chambers of commerce and industry to hold zoom courses for telework promotion and ICT seminars for building an online environment for outsiders. etc.

Please tell us what you look for in a place where telework and remote work are done

<Mr. Matsuki>

It's close to home and work, and it's convenient for transportation.

It is also important that the communication environment such as Wi-Fi is maintained and work can be done smoothly.

I want to work in a place where I can refresh myself in a different environment.

What are the reasons for choosing Orac?

<Mr. Oikawa>

It is a quiet and beautiful office environment, and I was attracted by the polite customer service of all the staff.

In addition, free drinks are available, so you can refresh yourself when you are a little tired.


Please tell us in detail about the usage scene and usage method.

<Mr. Matsuki>

I mainly use it on days when I have no appointments with customers.

I use it when I want to concentrate on paperwork and document creation in a short time.

Please let us know your impressions after actually using it.

<Mr. Oikawa>

Not only is the office environment beautiful, but it also has meeting rooms and private rooms, so I felt that I could use it flexibly to suit my work style.

I would like to continue to actively use it in the future.

<Mr. Matsuki>

The usage procedure is also short, so I think it's a place where you can easily visit.

There are many seats and the atmosphere is quiet, so you can concentrate on your work.

I had no inconvenience at all because I could have a drink for free.

Are there any new things you would like to work on at Orac in the future, or new ways to use it?

<Mr. Oikawa>

The department I belong to is involved in the operation and assistance of events using ICT, such as ZOOM courses and programming classes.

Equipped with meeting rooms with monitors and free drinks
I think OLUCK is the perfect venue for events and seminars, so I'd really like to work with them on a project.

<Mr. Matsuki>

We sometimes cooperate with e-sports events, and it would be nice if we could use a soundproof private room to hold the event.

I think there will be more users.


Please give advice to companies and organizations that are planning to introduce telework in the future.

<Mr. Oikawa>

Many companies have introduced telework and work style reforms have progressed, but there are many people who are having trouble with the environment as "telework = working from home".

By using a coworking space, such people can practice telework comfortably, so I would definitely recommend it.

<Mr. Matsuki>

In order to promote telework, various capital investments are required, but I think that such a burden can be reduced by using a coworking space.

We hope that many people will be able to use OLUCK and enjoy comfortable telework!

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