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​Free Service


Free Desk

Drop-in Free Desk Only


Registration Fee


※ Presentation of driver's license or passport
※ No reservation

※ Web meeting is not allowed

​Optional Service


Reservations are not required.

Please come directly.






​ Reception hours

Utilization time


5 minutes on foot from JR Tohoku Main Line "Morioka Station"


JR Morioka Station East Exit Bus Terminal

〇 Kuriyagawa Chuo Line (Platform 2)​ ​ Get off at Kaiunbashi

〇Take the Dendenmushi Counterclockwise Line (Platform No. 16) of the Morioka Urban Circulation Bus and get off at Kaiunbashi.

​ Payment Method

​credit card


​ electronic money


QR code payment

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* We cannot accept payment in cash.


〇Eating and drinking
・Drinks are available in all areas of the hotel. For meals, please use the cafe space on the 2nd floor and the lounge on the 3rd floor.
*Please refrain from using alcohol, delivery, etc.


〇 Telephone
・Available in all areas of the hotel. Please be considerate so as not to disturb other people.


〇Web conferences, meetings, visitors
・Please use the lounge on the 3rd floor or the meeting room. (Guest ID will be lent to guests for up to 2 hours)


・For security reasons, use (lending, transferring, duplicating) by anyone other than the MEMBER is prohibited.
・Please contact us immediately in case of loss or damage. (Reissue fee 5000 yen)


〇 Parking/bicycle parking
・We do not have a parking lot or bicycle parking lot under our contract. Please use nearby coin parking or public transportation. (Please refrain from parking on the street)


・No smoking on the premises including the first floor. Please refrain from smoking.

〇Cleaning and garbage collection
・Members who use a private room should put it in the designated place every Monday.


〇 Management of valuables
・Please refrain from taking a place with your luggage outside of the contracted private room. If you will be away for more than 30 minutes, please bring your luggage with you before leaving.
・Please manage your valuables by yourself or in a locker.
・Forgotten items will be kept by the concierge for 1 week (If there is no request, it will be destroyed at our responsibility after the expiration date).


〇 Accidents, injuries, etc.

・We are not responsible for any accidents, injuries, troubles, etc. caused by negligence on the part of the user.

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